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Chris Farrell Review

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Hello, my names Jonathan and I’ve been a member of Chris Farrell Membership (CFM) for several months now, and there are some VERY important things you should know before you buy the product. By exploring this website and reading my review you will discover everything there is to know about Chris Farrell and his membership site. I will outline all the positives and negatives of the product in an open and honest way so that you can make an informed decision whether to buy it or not.


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Continue reading below for my full, no holds barred Chris Farrell review. Also, make sure you check out the Chris Farrell Membership frequently asked questions page. Finally, I have written a full in-depth post just about Chris – his background, his teaching style and more. On the basis that Chris does most of the training himself, it’s important to understand all about the man before you sign  up to his membership site. So make sure you check out my Chris Farrell review page.


Chris Farrell Membership Review

If you’re thinking about buying Chris Farrell Membership you are probably entering into online marketing for the first time. You may already have made a start in the industry and want to improve your skills, or your might be completely new to the whole concept and are starting from scratch.

Chris Farrell Membership Review

In either case, Chris Farrell is certainly an excellent coach and mentor. What I like best about his teaching style is that everything is broken down into small, easy to understand “nuggets” of information. The training videos are clear and concise, and are laid out in such a way that just about anyone, of any ability, can start the course and become competent at online marketing very quickly.

I was very new to online marketing when I joined the membership site and was very anxious about entering an industry I didn’t know anything about. Luckily, Chris knows EVERYTHING there is to know about how to make money online so I soon felt at ease.



I’d like to continue this Chris Farrell Membership review by looking at EXACTLY what you get for your money, before going on to discuss those possible negative aspects of the course that you will need to be aware of.

 Chris Farrell Membership Review – “The Positives”


In my humble opinion, here are the best bits of Chris Farrell Membership;

  • Step by step guide on how to build your own website. This is done from the perspective of a COMPLETE beginner so don’t worry if you don’t have any experience in this.
  • Done For You Websites. Essentially, these are websites that Chris and his team have put together FOR YOU so you don’t even need to do any of the hard work. You simply download the website, follow the simple instructions and within minutes you have a professional looking sales page.
  • Free Hosting. This is worth a few dollars a month in itself, and you also get training and support on how to set up your hosting (believe me this is important because hosting support from large companies like godaddy is a nightmare!)
  • How to drive traffic to your website. This is absolutely fundamental to earning money online. Setting up a website is one thing, but if you have no traffic you will make no money. Chris provides a huge number of different ways you can drive traffic to your site, and again, provides step by step instructions on how to do each one.
  • World Class Support. If you’re new to this industry you are no doubt going to need some help from time to time. The support network that Chris Farrell Membership offers is absolutely superb! Most of the time, you will get an answer to your question within the hour, and often several people will try to assist you or help you through your problem. The reason you get so much support is because Chris has his own support team, PLUS you get support from more experienced members. This really is very valuable because it means you’re never alone in your new venture.
  • Free Optimize Press Lite. As you become more experienced in internet marketing, you are likely to need a piece of software called Optimize Press. There’s no need to go into what this software is, but you will need it. As a non-member the software would cost $97. But, as a member, you would get a lite copy of this software absolutely free!


 Of course, CFM is NOT for everyone, so continue reading this review to find out more about the course before you buy.

Chris Farrell Review


 Chris Farrell Membership Review – “The Negatives”


There are several things you should know about Chris Farrell Membership before you join.

Firstly, you will need access to a computer/laptop/ipad, both to complete the course and to launch your online business. It wouldn’t really be appropriate to use someone else’s computer because you need to get online daily, or at least every other day.Chris Farrell Membership Review

Secondly, although the membership itself is very good value for money, you may need some additional funds to help launch your business. Chris always tries to keep everything very cheap, and he will show you how to avoid getting ripped of with certain products. However, some costs are unavoidable so you should probably budget another $100-$200 (total over several months) for additional products that you may need. Please understand that these aren’t Chris Farrell Products – the price you see is the price you pay, and he NEVER tries to up-sell or get more  money out of you. The additional funds I am talking about are things you will need to launch your online business. Although this is quite a lot of money, keep in mind that most new businesses cost thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to get started. You can also significantly reduce the start-up costs buy doing a joint venture with someone.

chris farrell membership reviewed


The next thing I would advise is that it’s important that you are totally committed to the new venture. Chris really is an excellent teacher, and who better to learn this from than the man who earned $1 million in a single day! The rewards are certainly there, but I wouldn’t advise entering into the industry unless you are passionate about succeeding.

Another important point you need to understand about Chris Farrell Membership is that it really is only aimed at beginners and intermediates in internet marketing. Sure, many of the members have now gone on to become very successful and experienced, and these members help out in the forum and offer support. However, if you’re looking for somewhere to gain ADVANCED internet marketing skills then I would suggest that this isn’t the right place for you. I can however recommend some good advanced training courses if you want to contact me.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, this is NOT a get rich quick scheme. If you are expecting this to make you thousands of dollars over night then it really isn’t for you. Believe me, I have tried many different online businesses and can tell you that most of the ones that tell you that you will make huge amounts of money overnight are SCAMS and so you should be very careful about which courses you sign up to. Chris is very open and honest about the fact that it took him several months to make his business a success (see this video here). With his coaching and your enthusiasm, you may well achieve great results in a short time, but it would be a mistake to think that you will become rich overnight.

Chris Farrell PictureHopefully you can now see that this course isn’t for everyone. It was important for me reveal these negative elements to you, that is why I put together this Chris Farrell Membership review website.

For those that have been put off by the fact that it may take a few weeks or even months to make this successful, please be warned that there really are no magic solutions online and if you’re not careful you will end up paying a lot of money for a worthless scam product.

Right then, how are you feeling about Chris Farrell Membership? If you have any questions then refer to the FAQ page or contact me directly.

If you fancy giving Chris Farrell Membership a try for ONLY $1 then follow the link below to get started. HOWEVER, before you do so, please watch this short video where I explain more about how I can help you to become hugely successful online.


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I hope you found this Chris Farrell Membership review helpful. Please feel to leave any feedback or questions you have on my contact page.


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